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2020 was rife with challenges and new waters to navigate. COVID-19 impacted lives and businesses, forcing us all to change the way we live and work. At VSPOne® Technology Centers, the pandemic required us to rethink the way we operate to ensure the ongoing safety of our employees and proper handling of your orders without sacrificing service.

Overcoming Early Challenges and Emerging Stronger

We had some early bumps along the way, but came through stronger thanks to some innovative thinking and the dedication of our courageous workforce. We’re ecstatic to report that we have rebounded to pre-COVID levels for speed and quality of service.

An Investment in Quality, Speed and Satisfaction

As we shift into the new year and an expected uptick in incoming orders, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure you continue to receive fast, accurate, personalized service and support. We’ve brought in hundreds of new employees in the labs and on the support lines, and invested in the latest equipment to expedite service and ensure outstanding quality for you and your patients.

In other words, we’re ready for a busy 2021!

Ready Resources for A Successful Partnership

To ensure your experience with us in 2021 is easy, enjoyable, and successful, we’ve put together a digital resource kit with tools to maximize your experience with our labs, customer support teams, and VSPOne Rewards program.

Read on to see what’s in the kit and to get yours today.
2021 Resource Kit

VSPOne Online Order Status Guide
Discover how to use the online order status tool for real-time updates on all your VSPOne jobs.

Online Redo Request Guide
Reduce lost time from redos by leveraging the online redo request form on Eyefinity.com

Customer Service Simplification Guide
Follow these tips to get the support you need, reduce call times, and minimize downtime.

VSPOne Rewards Maximization Guide
Discover 5 simple steps to get the biggest bang for your buck as a VSPOne Rewards member.

VSPOne Rewards Calculator
See how much your orders are worth and how much more you could make by switching to eligible products.

VSPOne Technology Centers Map
Locate your nearest Technology Center, customer service contact information, and pricelist details.

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